Commitment – Becca & Cole


100% Local Production

We source all the production process to local manufacturers. All our fabrics are also made in Barcelona.

Eco and Natural Fibers

All our garments are made exclusively with 100% COMPACT-FREE CONTAMINATION organic cotton.

Premium Fabrics for long-term use

We exclusively work with top-quality fabrics so that each garment is guaranteed to last for a long time, so that our customers do not need to buy more.

Environmental Friendly Processing & Dyeing

Our dyeing and fabric processing techniques are certified with the highest environmental standards for the industry, including Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) + Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Ambi Stenco, Oeko-Tex® and the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Sustainable Marketing

It is our priority to minimize the impact of production on the environment and our vision is to always incorporate new ways of doing it. However, we firmly believe that the most effective way is to reduce consumption, which is why all our communication aims to increase this awareness among our audience.

Giving back

Even if we are a very small brand, we strongly believe in giving back to society whenever we can. Because every little effort makes the difference. This is why we have been donating part of our revenues to charitable organizations and causes we believe in. In February 2021, in occasion of the cancer awareness month, we donated 30% of all sales made during the whole month to the skin cancer foundation.

Zero Plastic Policy

We maintain a zero plastic policy throughout the entire production and supply chain. For example, our packaging is made exclusively with recycled paper.