Our Story – Becca & Cole

Our Story

The idea for Becca & Cole was born in March 2020, during the full lockdown. I took advantage of those difficult days to learn to draw and develop the concept of Becca & Cole.

The idea is based on a personal story. Some time ago I was, you could say, one of the “victims” of the fast-fashion trend. I hoarded clothes addicted to the instant gratification that quick, low-cost shopping brought me. In time I realized that gratification too quickly replaced boredom and discontent (the classic “full wardrobe and nothing to wear” paradox). I also discovered what fast fashion meant for the environment and the terrible social impact. In addition, the clothes spoiled quickly and it was not easy to recycle them.

It was a liberation for me to become familiar with minimalism and to incorporate this philosophy into my lifestyle. Minimalism does not mean renouncing to everything you have (contrary to what many people think), but keeping only the things that have the most value to us. It’s about asking yourself this question before you buy: “Do I really need this product or will I use it for a long time?”

I noticed that at the end of the day, I only wore a few things in my wardrobe, simple and high-quality: my favorite Levis Jeans, joggers or leggings and basic tops. Combining these garments with some accessories makes me feel comfortable, sexy and FREE. I would like all women to feel this way while wearing my clothes.

Our Values



We value the beauty of each person unique view.



We believe in showing kindness to our planet, others and ourselves.



We celebrate boldness in pursing whatever dream.



We strive to improve every day and accept mistakes on the way.